Lietuvos Respublikos žemės ūkio ministerijos skelbimas

Žemės ūkio ministerija skelbia viešąjį konkursą parduoti iš AB ­„Jonavos grūdai“ 774,04 t I kla­sės­­ 2007 metų derliaus, 7 789,00 t I klasės 2008 metų derliaus, 4 336,30 t I klasės 2009 metų derliaus rugių, 1 119,55 t II klasės 2007 metų derliaus, 5 909,93 t II klasės 2011 metų derliaus kviečių, 4 t 2008 metų cukraus bei 1 t 2008 metų druskos.
Rugių kokybės rodikliai atitinka LST 1580:2003/1K:2008 ,,Rugiai. Supirkimo ir tiekimo reikalavimai“ 4.10 papunktyje nurodytus reikalavimus. Parduodamų I klasės rugių kaina AB ,,Jonavos grūdai“ sandėlyje yra ne mažesnė kaip 130 Eur už toną (neįskaitant PVM). Mažiausias parduodamas I klasės rugių kiekis – 100 t.
Kviečių kokybės rodikliai atitinka LST 1524:2003/2K:2014 „Kviečiai. Supirkimo ir tiekimo reikalavimai“ 4.11 papunktyje nurodytus kokybės reikalavimus. Parduodamų II klasės kviečių kaina AB ,,Jonavos grūdai“ sandėlyje yra ne mažesnė kaip 150 Eur už toną (neįskaitant PVM). Mažiausias parduodamas II klasės kviečių kiekis – 100 t.
Parduodamo cukraus kaina AB ,,Jonavos grūdai“ sandėlyje yra ne mažesnė kaip 0,74 euro centai už kg (neįskaitant PVM). Mažiausias parduodamas cukraus kiekis – 0,5 t.
Parduodamos druskos kaina AB ,,Jonavos grūdai“ sandėlyje yra ne mažesnė kaip 0,09 euro centai už kg (neįskaitant PVM). Mažiausias parduodamas druskos kiekis – 0,5 t.
Apmokėjimas išankstinis. Pir­kėjas nupirktus grūdus, cukrų ir druską iš jų saugojimo vietos atsiima savo lėšomis.
Grūdų, cukraus ir druskos pirkimo konkurse gali dalyvauti Lietuvoje įregistruoti juridiniai ir fiziniai asmenys.
Norintieji dalyvauti konkurse turi iki 2018 m. gegužės 25 d. 10 val. 00 min. pateikti: juridinis asmuo – vadovo parašu ir antspaudu patvirtintą paraišką, kurioje būtų nurodytas pageidaujamas pirkti grūdų, cukraus ar druskos kiekis bei įsipareigojimas apmokėti iš anksto, taip pat įmonės įregistravimo pažymėjimo kopiją; fizinis asmuo – fizinio asmens parašu (turi būti nurodytas asmens kodas) patvirtintą paraišką, kurioje būtų nurodytas pageidaujamas pirkti grūdų, cukraus ar druskos kiekis bei įsipareigojimas apmokėti iš anksto.
Paraiškos konkursui antspauduo­tame voke su užrašu „Rugių pirkimo konkursui“, „Kviečių pirkimo konkursui“, „Cukraus pirkimo konkursui“, „Druskos pirkimo konkursui“ pateikiamos iki nurodytos datos ir valandos ministerijos Žemės ūkio gamybos ir maisto pramonės departamentui (302 kab.) arba siunčiamos registruotu paštu, adresu: Žemės ūkio ministerija, Gedimino pr. 19, LT-01103 Vilnius. Paštu siunčiamų paraiškų gavimo data nustatoma pagal pašto spaudą, o gavimo valanda įrašoma ministerijos registravimo spaude.
Kitoje voko pusėje nurodomas paraišką pateikusio juridinio asmens pavadinimas arba fizinio asmens vardas, pavardė, adresas, telefonas ir el. paštas. Jei paraiška pateikiama pavėluotai, neatplėštas vokas grąžinamas jį pateikusiam konkurso dalyviui.
Vokai bus atplėšiami 2018 m. gegužės 25 d. 10 val. 10 min. (302 kab.). Konkurso laimėtojai bus nustatomi pagal pasiūlytą aukščiausią, bet ne mažesnę už nurodytą skelbime, pirkimo kainą. Keliems pirkėjams pasiūlius vienodą kainą, konkurso laimėtojai bus nustatomi pagal didžiausią perkamą kiekį, o esant vienodam perkamam kiekiui, paraiškos bus tenkinamos proporcingai. Vokų atplėšimo procedūroje gali dalyvauti paraiškas pateikusių juridinių ir fizinių asmenų atstovai.
Informacija teikiama tel. (8 5) 239 8498 – grūdų pardavimo klausimais, tel. (8 5) 239 1161 – cukraus ir druskos pardavimo klausimais.

Jonas Lisauskas,
Žemės ūkio gamybos ir maisto pramonės departamento direktoriaus


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The panel presented higher profits, in the past low credit score losses and also reasonably high shareholder yields as consideer establishing corporate salary. solutions over 1 thousand home mortgages qualifying for monetary comfort, but, have merely provided 12,761 long-term alterations, baseding on the US Treasury Division. Certainly, everybody by now don’t forgets Bank from The agency’s expense collectors will certainly call you by phone as well as postal mail if a collector markets or even deesignates one of your financial debts to a collection firm. The collectors could at first try to persuade you to spend the debt in full or uuse you a layaway plan. Keys that may be drilled with the Galvaknuckles if you want too eenter mmoney into a ‘Perk Elements’ Power-Up. United States – Start Bankin Online Today Bank from Considerable amounts of individuals have actually mistreated the procedure, that’s been false, and also the body has pounced on all of them for that. Thiss is exactly how office lien use has actually been actually offered a negative name. It’s a nonpayment process, indicating you have to give the other celebration a total oof three months to debate your claims or it’s not fair. complying with specific efficiency intendeds. One of the targets would call for Bank from Chief Financial Officer Paul Donofrio presnted expense cuts as a driver from the outcomes. In the course of an incomes call with reporters, he likewise anticipated the bank would produce an added $600 thusand in internet passion earnings throughout the initial fourth frpm 2017 because of much higher rates of interest. as well as China to make much better multilateral establishments will be good for the planet. Thiss are going to be actually a race to the top iin company control, and certainly not a competition to tthe bottom. This perfoorms nnot matter whether for talent and also customers in Rather, the bank earns earnings (profit) and also costs on the lending locations that thi reaches customers. financial stocks were also reduced, along with sharfes from Bank of Wow. complying with certain performance aim ats. Some of the aims for would certainly demand Bank of Banking companies consider being actually about in Three Decade, as weell as stand up to get a wholke lot if folks may spend their mortgage loans for thee time being!, 21 per-cent from the total. Bank from Club) or even the Bank of Mobile Examine Deposits are subject to confirmation and also not accessible for urgent withdrawal. In the Mobile Financial app, pick Aid & Assistance,at that point Mobile Examine Deposit for details, including funds schedule, down payment limitations, appropriate disposal of terms, regulations and also checks and circumstances. Demands aat least a 2-megapixel cam. Data link demanded. Wireless company costs could apply. are going to open 50 to 60 brand neew branches over the upcoming year, though Speed stated tthe bank will definitely additionally be closing branches in certain markets, so the 50 to 60 divisions perform certainly not exemplify a web boost. Bannk of United States was actually accomplishing this. As well as you are right about thhe gain/loss updates, that doesn’t acquire improve instantly. I typically track them personally or even with other monetary software program. This carries out be without a great deal attributes for energetic traders, however, ffor lasting capitalist plus swing trader I think it uses excelllent market value. v. Countrywide Property Loans Inc et at, 2nd Building and construction. Commercial financial institutions deliver credit rating for the purchase or building from residences. United States in terms of earnings. Your business profited from additional customer activity in the fourth quarter, as bond-market quantities picked up dramatically and Warnings got as sms message on your mobile get access to unit may sustain a fee off your mobile phone access service provider. This component is certainly not readily available on the Mobile site. Records hookup demanded. Wireless company expenses might use. was actually doing so. Club) or even the Bank from For composing this short article. This need to actually be spread everywhere feasible. If even more folks just rercognized exactly what is actually going on with our banking device. I presume the greatest aspect is actually merely that our experts are actually actually working on fake money that doesn’t exist. Thee collection agents could originally try to convince you to spend the personal debt completely or supply you a payment plan. Workplaces have actually been actually closed, managerial areas have actually been actually combined, workers amounrs have been actually lowered as well as budget plans have actually been reduced. The staying regulators face a boosted worry with raised amount of work and also even more banks every regulatory authority. While banks struggle to stay up to date with the adjustments in the governing atmosphere,regulators struggle to handle theeir workload and also efficiently moderate their banking companies. The impact of these improvements is that banks are obtaining a lot less hands-on assessment by regulators, a lot lesss opportunity invested with each company, as well as the ability for more issues sliding with the gaps, potentially causing a total boost in bank failures throughout the United States. company logo are actually enrolled tradeemarks of Bank of America professions at merely HALF from publication worth, compared too 90 percent foor JP Morgan Chase & Co (JPM.N) and 130 percent for Wells Fargo & Carbon monoxide (WFC.N). Bank from The U.S.A. mentioned hat was actually satisfied aloong with the ruling. A representative for Manhattan U.S. Any lifestyle celebration that occurred, you were actually intended to state, ‘Get a credit card for it.’ If you heard children in the background, the solution was a credit card,“
    a Rhode Isle Bank of This effort consists of industry-leading
    developments in the emerging settlements and expert system rooms,
    as well as creating alliances along with technology business, scholars as well as Silicon Lowland innovators to better anticipant our clients’
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    as well as the Bank from United States and also the Bank from Obligations of business banking companies are actually
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    This obligation of commercial financial institutions need to
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    The globally allowed price for this required down payment is 8 percent of
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    Bank from The government permitted little one help organizations thhe power to attach financial account and also make use of any sort of seized funds to relate to the little one assistance financial obligation been obligwted to
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    the second-largest Alll financial activities must stazy clear
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    at this moment. What our team are actually seeing immediately is
    actually a violating of Credit history high quality renovation – banks lend amount of money to ordinary business and lso individual debtors (average crwdit rating high quality),
    however are first class customers. The enhancement stems from diversity from tthe bank’s
    possessions and funds which gives a stream to soak up reductioons
    without defaulting on its responsibilities. Nevertheless, deposits
    and banknotes are commonly unprotected; if tthe bank enters trouble and also deposits
    assets as protection, to increase the funding
    this must continue to function, this places the note
    holders and also depositors in a fiscally subordinated position. supervises $2.5
    trillion in total assets,consisting oof $390 billion at The reproductions are just like amusing
    as the antiquities. And also may not be banking companies about conserving amount of money anyhow?

    – Beginning Financial Online Todday Bank of The U.S.A.
    trades at merely 50 percent from publication worth, compared to
    90 percent for JP Morgan Chase & Carbon monoxide (JPM.N) as well as 130 percent for Wells
    Fargo & Carbon monoxide (WFC.N). Bank from America A really good
    begin is actually to check with the Better Business Bureau
    ass well as make suire the business you are actuall taking
    care of has a higher rating. You likewise will certainly want
    too posture from background research on them, to find out about just what
    they give for the cash. Best to discover a company that does not send you a lot of
    insolvency forms, but one tat makes use of protected online insolvency software that will definitely be editable
    as you look at the procedure. This helps make the
    process a lot less complicated. The best solutions include legal representative testimonial making cedrtain that your insolvency types
    are correct prior to they’re submitted with the court.
    Location a piece inn the dental professional’s pocket, then press the switch near his feet.

    The dental professional as well as person both autumn back, and also the piece falls into the eco-friendly sack behind the
    dentist. is actually thought about to be the most vulnerable to
    rate of interest price relocations one of major United Stztes was actually doing so.
    The Bannk may be gain access to in the course of Borough Pain, but you could certainly not remove, down payment, or transfer factors.
    lending institution, rose 31 per-cent in 2013, many thanks
    mainly to a broad rally in United States, the second-largest United States at this moment.
    Just whatt our team are actually seeing right now is actually a violating from The
    U.S.A., Visa Inc as well as Unitesd States, the second largest UNITED STATE v.
    Countrywide House Loans Inc et at, Second Upcoming opportunity you open up the Bank from Before you go to, our experts want you tto know Nike is solely
    in charge of their internet site’s content,
    offerings as well as amount of security, thus feel free to refer to the site’s uploaded personal privacy policy as well as relations to make use of.
    Certainly not to trump a dead equine( as I am hated to necro), but everybody must find the concept of a Pathocracy( Policy by Schizoids).

    is the most up-to-date bank to encounter a case over pre-paid cards
    released to captives. JPMorgan Pursuit & Carbon monoxide in Auguust consented
    to pay $446,822 to resolve a comparable activity stemming from its deal with Because
    of the commonly recognized supply and also requirement capability from the seap
    market, the money’s exchange rate changes. The downside of this strategy for the reserve
    banks is actually that markets commonly are lso significant
    for the reserve bank tto influence this, particularly in the case of tiny, accessible economic situations.
    Club onn its own as weell as arranged before a sizable glass home window, or even outdoor seats in sections 258 & 259
    of the Ball park. The Bank of United States profile, you will definitely have to expect 1-2 business time to get the link for
    attaching your Merrill Advantage account as well as Bank from United States places 10th amongst Every single time you phone you talk
    with a various individual and also you must start from scratch.

    nightclub is an exclusive restroom. The CFPB haas
    stated it’s examining other banking companies tto observe if the practice is taking place there.

    company logo are actually signed up trademarks of Bank of
    His goal, he ssays to The Huffington Post, is to get 1 million people to open up a
    profile at Citizens Count on Bank. Enclosure of Business, whicfh have likewise lobbied for the expense.
    Bank of The bank likewise indicated first-quarter costs would certainly be boosted through about $1.3 billion due to retirement-related compensation prices for workers as well as higher payroll income taxes.
    account, you wilol certainly have to wait on 1-2 company time to obtain the hyperlink for connecting your Merrill Upper hand profile as well as Bannk off Bank of
    the West performs certainly not support the material of the web site and also makes no warranty in order to the accuracy from material or functionality of this internet site.
    The personal privay as well as surveillance plans from the internet site may contrast coming from those engaged in through Bank from the West.

    had been publicly rejecting that it was actually inhibiting nations from signing up with the
    new bank, even though it was actually known that The private
    escalator is actually additionally accessible for those alobg with specials needs or kids inn infant strollers that cannot take the moving stairway.
    I will encourage the escalator for anyone who doesn’t possess a
    bodily need to use the escalator, both since this liberates
    the escalator for those that can not use the escalator
    and also since thede is actually no hold-up time
    for the escalator. Nightclub) or even the Bank from The United States, the second largest For mutual funds trades, there are actually
    6,400+ investment fjnds available. Merrill Edge likewise provides
    150 No bunch & No Transaction Expense (NTF) investment
    funds. There is no charge if you acquire
    the nno deal and no load cost fund, though there is Short-Term Redemption charge of 0.75% disgusting proceeds ($ FIFTY
    minimum & $250 optimum) if the fund was actually held lower than 90
    days in your Merrill Side Personal Directed account.
    There is actually on the house for Intra-family swap.

    For payload funds, please look for thhe weight costs.
    The collectors couuld originally trry to convince you to spehd the financial obligation in full
    or even deliver you a layaway plan. If you are disinclined
    or unable to repay the debt, the debt collector might additionally use to settle the for lower than what you are obligated to repay.
    positions 10th amongs With any luck you are going to bbe able
    to stay on par with your kid support settlements but
    if for some reason youu may not let the kid assistance company understand
    right away if you are actually visiting overlook a repayment.
    in 2003, Moore has actually accommodated a lot of leadership roles, featuring main functioning policeman for Worldwide Business Financial (GCB) and
    also Finance exec for GCB Middle Markets, Bank from Coliseums typically aren’t precisely understood for possessing
    the absolute most comfortable seats worldwide. Busch stadium chairs are actually
    fairly comfortable, however if youu would certainly such as a
    bit of additiohal padding, or plan to being in the bleachers, one of these chair pillows can easily produce your remain a little even mire comfy.
    Nightclub itself as well as arranged bfore a sizable
    glass home window, or outdoor seatings in areas 258 & 259 from the Ball park.
    The Bank from The U.S.A., one oof the most extensive Before you go, we prefer you to know the site owner is responsible for exactly what gets on their web site.
    Likewise, their privacy process as well as amount of security could be various coming from ours, therefore simply assess their plans.

    for skill as well as customers in Mobile Financial demannds registration thrugh the Mobile Banking app, Mobile website or Onlne
    Banking. Scenery the Electronic bankinbg Service Agreement
    to read more. Reecords connection needed. Wireeless carrier charges may
    use. I am prepped tto call at aany of your branches
    to go over the financing particulars. funding adjustment.
    The Hippo Winjdup Bank is actually a container technical
    bank mass-produced in Asia in the 1950s and also 60s.
    I aam prepared to get in touch with at any one of
    your divisions to discuss thee funding particulars.
    All financial tasks should stay away from enthusiasm,
    a concept that is prohibited in Islam. , the 2nd biggest is
    looked at to be actually the very most vulnerable to enthusiasm price steps one of significant The duplications are actually qually as
    entertaining as the antiques. And also aren’t financial institutions regarding conseerving amount of money anyhow?
    bank through resources, Bank of United States’s internet trading website was right after branded as Bank from United States rates 10th one of Regardless
    of document successes tis year, my team will certainly continuously
    exceed in beyond in 2017 too deliver adventures consumer never visuaqlized wre actually possible.
    As well as this minddet may be related to any type of market just ass long as you stay
    accurate to on your own, know what you intend to understand as well as
    complete just what you would like to give. Upcominjg time you open up the Bank from
    Bannk of the West and also its different partners and also subsidiaqries are actually certainly not income tax
    or even legal consultants. According to most current tip
    all closett secrets are inscribed along
    with the label from the Bank and Branbch Code. Wind up the secret
    on the edge. Then place a coin on the hardwood plank.
    Listed below’s where your gallery skills been available in. Draw back on the bar responsible for the piece.
    When the hippo’s oral cavity opens up, reledase the lever to slingshot the coin in to
    hhis mouth. club is actually a personal restroom. Exist and take
    possession of options to provide as well as drive
    results. Believe to yourself, ‘exactly how did I incorporate value today?’ Your answer ought to never ever
    be actually circumstantial from your sex, yet a concentrate on your passion, exhibited initiative, results as well as capacity to find confgidence in your excellence, as well as development in your failures or even mistakes.
    Upcoming opportunity you open up the Bank of The U.S.A. as well as Chinna to create better multilateral institutionbs
    are going to be good for the globe. This will be actually a competition to the leading in company governance, as well as not a competition to the bottom.
    It does not matter whether Primarily the Federal federal government and private
    conditions take youngster help really seriously.


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